Stingray Lagoon

This exhibit provides an interactive experience with Cownose rays, Atlantic stingrays, and Southern stingrays

These species, all native to the Gulf of Mexico, glide by just close enough to touch – and in this exhibit, you actually can touch them. Gently reach into this 10,000 gallon exhibit to enjoy a hands-on interaction with these species as they swim past. Better yet, our daily presentations let you feed these unique animals, giving you an even closer look at their astounding anatomy. Learn from our knowledgeable staff about these animal’s natural behaviors and lives in the wild.

animals in this exhibit

  • Cownose Ray

    These rays are found throughout the Atlantic and Caribbean sea, and can grow up to 45 inches in width and weight 50 pounds or more. When threatened it can use a barb containing a toxin in its tail to defend itself.

  • Southern Stingray

    This stingray is common to the Atlantic ocean. Its flat body allows it to conceal itself on the seabed, and a serrated barb containing a mild toxin in its tail can be used for defense.

  • Atlantic stingray

    This species can be distinguished from the southern stingray by its elongated snout. True to its name, it is found in the western Atlantic Ocean.