STEM into action

Your students will have the opportunity to engage with varied habitats, observe animal adaptations, and get up close and personal with one of our animal ambassadors.

Students will be provided the tools to make choices that lead to positive changes in conserving the environment. This dynamic, hands-on, and unique experience is tailored to your grade level (1st- 5th) and the current science standards. We know that while you are here, you’re ready to discover on your own, so our program is set for 45 minutes, and the rest of the time is yours to explore!


Much like a scavenger hunt, you’ll embark on a self-guided journey around the Aquarium, answering questions like “How many times does a moon jelly pulse in a minute?” or “How long does it take for a shark to swim across the Caribbean Sea?” Some questions only take an observant eye, while others may take some number crunching.

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ZZZs Under the Seas

At this time we are not offering overnight camp-in programs. Please explore the other options we have available.


For questions about our onsite program, please feel free to reach out at the information below.  


[email protected]