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The Texas State Aquarium provides the media with interesting stories that involve conservation issues, community issues, education issues, rehabilitation issues, and general interest stories.

Press Releases

The Texas State Aquarium provides the media with interesting stories that involve conservation, community issues, education, wildlife rescue, and more.

Press Releases

Press Packets

For media or journalists looking to cover stories about the Aquarium or Wildlife Rescue Program, please visit our Press Packet pages for information, press releases, photos, videos, and more.

Wildlife Rescue Press Packet

Aquarium Press Packet

Media & Influencer Admissions Application

Active and working media, bloggers, and influencers have the opportunity to cover the TSA for traditional or social media. Requests must be submitted at least 72 hours in advance. Discounts and complimentary tickets are given on a case-by-case basis and are not guaranteed. Any tickets or discounted tickets do not include parking fees.

Submit a media admissions application

Submit an influencer admissions application

In the News

Check out the latest stories about the Aquarium from all over Texas, and even the nation!

In the News

Donation Requests

Donation requests must be submitted on the organization’s letterhead with the complete contact information provided. To submit a request, fill out our Donation Request Form.

Donation Request Form

Photo/Video Guidelines

  • Anyone can take photos and videos inside the Aquarium for their private, personal use only. For safety reasons, the use of tripods or monopods is prohibited.
  • Media should contact the Communications department in advance to arrange to shoot photos and videos that will be used in articles and programs that include the Texas State Aquarium. There are some restrictions on the use of tripods and supplemental lighting.
  • Taking photos or videos for commercial purposes, including for stock images, commercial products, and other commercial purposes is prohibited without prior authorization from the Communications department.
  • We consider each location request on an individual basis, and fees may be charged for shooting. Requests can be accommodated only if they do not conflict with scheduled Aquarium events.
  • By entering, you consent to your voice and photography being used without compensation in any and all media and marketing materials, and you release the Texas State Aquarium from any liability of usage.

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