Aquatic Nursery

Since its opening date in 2016, the Aquatic Nursery has provided a rare look at ocean life in its earliest phases and a behind the scenes glimpse into the world of sustainable aquaculture.

The various birth and growth cycles of juvenile moon jellies, cuttlefish, and even bamboo shark eggs can be seen here, while high-tech cameras allow us to showcase this nearly microscopic life even before it enters the world. See firsthand the tiny bamboo sharks fetuses and the birthplace of tiny brine shrimp specimens.

The Aquatic Nursery teaches on the importance of sustainability and conservation, showing how aquaculture helps us maintain our own animal population and reduces our need to collect animals from their natural habitats. These juvenile specimens are also shared with partnering aquariums, zoos, and educational institutions, furthering awareness of sustainable aquaculture and the importance of saving threatened and endangered species.

Animals in this Exhibit

  • Moon Jelly

    This common jellyfish species in translucent, clearing revealing the anatomy inside its bell. Because of its limited swimming ability, the moon jelly often goes wherever the current takes it.

  • White Spotted Bamboo Shark

    Bamboo sharks are oviparous, meaning they lay eggs. Their egg casings are nicknamed “mermaid’s purses” for their unique shape.

  • Brine Shrimp

    These tiny aquatic crustaceans help supplement the diets of many of our other species. Brine shrimp are found worldwide, and get their name from their ability to live in waters of very high salinity.