Blue Hole

The Blue Hole reveals a unique and often unseen habitat of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, the deep underwater caverns that can descend hundreds of feet below sea level.

These remote environments are popular among the most daring of scuba divers, who plunge into its depths to seek out rare sea life and unforgettable sights. Caribbean Journey’s Blue Hole provides an inside look at these hidden marine ecosystems – no scuba equipment needed.

An overlook of Blue Hole first gives a sneak peek from above at the ocean life teeming below. Below the surface in the dark and mysterious underwater view, the amazing creatures that were just barely visible from above come into focus. Nurse sharks, tarpon, and other amazing marine species swim in these darker spaces, resting on the sandy bottom or hiding among the rocks. A viewing portal provides an opportunity to get even closer to these aquatic species and take in the view from their perspective, surrounded by seawater and other marine life.

Step into the middle of this exhibit, and you just may believe that you’re diving a real-life Caribbean Blue Hole.

animals in this exhibit

  • Palometa

    Palometas are recognizable by their deep bodies, marked with four narrow bars on the sides, along with traces of a fifth fin nearer the tail.

  • Tarpon

    This large fish, nicknamed the silver king, is a voracious predator, feeding on small fish and crustaceans.

  • French grunt

    The French grunt is generally covered in bright yellow stripes against a silver background, with their fins being colored in a bright yellow shade.

  • Lionfish

    This venomous fish is an invasive species in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico.

  • Southern Screamer

    This unique-looking gooselike species has long red legs and has a very loud and far-carrying call.