Dolphin Calf Rehabilitated by the Texas State Aquarium Completes Final Integration Into His New Home

May 18, 2022

After nine months of dedication, work, and 24/7 care, the male bottlenose dolphin calf rescued in June 2021 has found his forever home at a nonprofit research and education facility. The National Marine Fishery Service (NMFS) determined the Dolphin Research Center (DRC) is the best fit for the rescued dolphin. On March 25th, Ranger was loaded onto a Learjet 60 and flew directly from Corpus Christi, TX to Marathon, FL. Once he arrived at DRC, he was placed in a temporary quarantine pool to help him adjust from treated water to natural seawater.

Photo Credit to Andy Newman – Florida Keys News Bureau

After spending a few weeks in their quarantine pool, Ranger has moved into the Dolphin Research Center’s primary dolphin lagoon. This move marks his final integration into a “forever family” of other permanent dolphin residents in the Florida Keys.

This rescued dolphin calf is a remarkable rescue story made possible by the Wildlife Rescue program at the Texas State Aquarium and by the support of people like YOU! Thank you!

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