Coral Conservation

The Aquarium is currently participating and supporting conservation research that improves wildlife populations of coral, sharks, ocelots, and sea turtles.

In this section, we will be exploring coral reefs and how they are changing in today’s ocean. We are joined by coral scientist Dr. Keisha Bahr, who will be taking us through her journey of becoming a marine biologist, showcasing her coral research at the Aquarium, and taking us along to Hawai’i to explore coral reefs in the ocean.

Coral Research with Dr. Bahr

Have you ever wondered how the changes that are occurring in the oceans are impacting coral reefs? The Texas State Aquarium is partnering with Dr. Keisha Bahr, Assistant Professor of Marine Biology at Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi, and will be joining Dr. Bahr in her research to understand how these changes are affecting corals and how corals grow under different environments.

Coral Research at The Aquarium

Dr. Bahr partnered with the Texas State Aquarium to develop a coral card unique to the 15 types of coral reef species found inside the Aquarium and the Gulf of Mexico. A zoo or aquarium has never created an index for coral health up until this point. 

Following Dr. Bahr’s Journey

With Dr. Bahr, we will be learning more about coral reefs, how they are important, how they benefit us, and things we can do to help conserve them. Join our new Texas State Aquarium Conservation Series and learn a little more about who Dr. Bahr is, her journey to becoming a coral scientist, and how we are helping conserve coral at the Aquarium.