Texas State Aquarium to Connect with E/V Nautilus via Remote Online Broadcast

CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS – On Thursday, August 3 at 1:30 p.m. CT, the Texas State Aquarium will host a live interaction with the Exploration Vessel (E/V) Nautilus in its Caribbean Journey event space, the CITGO Skyline Venue.

Via Nautilus Live, an online web portal, attendees in Corpus Christi will have the opportunity to learn about the cutting-edge work being done on the research vessel, which is undergoing an expedition to explore and research unique deep-sea habitats off of Central California’s shoreline.

The broadcast will be offered thanks in part to the contributions of the CITGO Petroleum Corporation in its mission to further STEM education and scientific awareness.

During the live video broadcast, an audience including local robotic students, former E/V Nautilus Ambassadors, local teachers, and children from the Aquarium’s SeaCamp program will interact via a remote connection with Samuel Freeman, an educator at London Middle School and a CITGO Nautilus Ambassador selected to represent Corpus Christi. A yet-to-be-named member of the E/V Nautilus’s Corps of Exploration will also be on the connection to speak with the audience on shore. Nautilus Ambassadors are selected for their leadership in education and commitment to bringing unique science, technology, engineering, and mathematics educational experience to their learners.

“We’re so excited to connect with E/V Nautilus and discover more about the exciting scientific work happening on this vessel,” said Leslie Peart, the Texas State Aquarium’s Vice President of Education and Conservation. “This broadcast provides an incredible opportunity for our youth to engage with scientists and educators who are furthering our knowledge of the world’s oceans and to emphasize the importance of STEM skills.”

The public can also follow the expedition on www.nautiluslive.org, on Twitter as @EVNautilus, on Facebook and Instagram as NautilusLive, and through in-person live interactions like the one at Texas State Aquarium.

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