Texas State Aquarium Announces Deeply-Discounted “Community Days”

January 8, 2019

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – The Texas State Aquarium is announcing five “Community Days” for 2019 which will offer guests deeply-discounted admission of just $2 per person to the largest aquarium in Texas.

Each Community Day will be held in partnership with a generous corporate partner, including H-E-B, Whataburger and NavyArmy Community Credit Union. The first Community Day of 2019 will be on Monday, January 21 (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day), presented by NavyArmy. Additional Community Days will be held in February, October, November and December.

“Dollar Days” will no longer be offered at the Aquarium, but Community Days will continue to provide guests an opportunity to experience the Aquarium several times a year at a special discounted rate. Guest admission from Community Days, along with the support of corporate partners, will go towards supporting the Aquarium’s operations, including animal care, staffing and a variety of wildlife conservation and wildlife rescue programs.

“We believe that these upcoming Community Days will provide our guests with a more relaxed and family-friendly experience than on Dollar Days in previous years, where attendance often exceeded 10,000 in a single day.” said Texas State Aquarium President & CEO Tom Schmid. “We’re thankful for the support of H-E-B, Whataburger, NavyArmy CCU and our other partners which make these community-oriented events a possibility.”

Due to the significant increase in attendance on Community Days, regular presentations and visitor programs will not be provided. Tickets are available for sale on-site on Community Day only. There are no tickets available for purchase in advance or online.

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