Rescued Injured Dolphin from North Padre Island

July 2, 2022

In the early morning of Thursday, June 30 a team made up of staff from NOAA/National Marine Fisheries, the Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network, Texas State Aquarium, and SeaWorld San Antonio rescued a habituated dolphin from North Padre Island and brought it to the Aquarium’s Wildlife Rescue Center.

This rescue operation was prompted by observations made by biologists who noted the animal’s health was declining and required medical attention.
Upon arrival to the Rescue Center, the dolphin was examined and evaluated by our veterinary and rescue teams. The injured female dolphin is currently under critical care. Aquarium medical staff are treating her eye and waiting on lab results. They will continue to closely monitor the dolphin’s health and work under the direction of NOAA to determine the next steps in this animal’s story.
We will get updates out as the animal’s rehabilitation progresses.

A Dolphin is Safely Out of Harm’s Way After an Early Morning Rescue Off Texas | NOAA Fisheries

Photos taken under a Stranding Agreement between NOAA and Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network under the authority of the MMPA.

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Texas State Aquarium
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