On World Sea Turtle Day, Learn How the Texas State Aquarium is Helping Save These Endangered Species

June 15, 2018

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – Almost all of the world’s sea turtles are threatened or endangered in the wild due to habitat loss, poaching and even climate change. On June 16, World Sea Turtle Day, the Aquarium invites guests to visit and see why these endangered species are worth protecting, discover what the Aquarium is doing to help turtles and learn how anyone can help protect these marine reptiles.

Six turtles representing four species make the Aquarium their home, and all of them found their way to the Aquarium after being stranded or injured in the wild. The residents of Tortuga Cay include Squirt, Crush and Pickles the green sea turtles, Daisy the Kemp’s ridley, Einstein the hawksbill, and Tiki the loggerhead. For various reasons, they’re no longer able to survive in the natural habitat. Tiki, for example, is missing several flippers as a result of being entangled in fishing line, and Squirt and Crush swim lopsided through the exhibit, due to bubbles in their shells caused from being struck by boats.

Visitors to the Aquarium can come within mere inches of these turtles or see them feed up-close during daily presentations, experiences that the Aquarium hopes will inspire their guests to look after sea turtles in the wild. Reporting stranded sea turtles and sea turtle nests when you find them, cleaning trash from local coastlines and staying alert while boating can all help keep sea turtles safe, Aquarium officials say.

By simply purchasing an admission ticket, guests are already helping out, since they’re supporting the Aquarium’s own sea turtle rescue efforts. In 2018, the Aquarium has already rescued and released more than 1,000 sea turtles through a partnership with the Padre Island National Seashore – Division of Sea Turtle Science & Recovery. Most of these turtles were taken into the Aquarium’s rescue center last winter after suffering a case of cold-stunning – a hypothermic-like reaction caused by a drop in shallow water environments. With the help of the Aquarium’s Wildlife Rescue team, these sea turtles eventually recovered and were returned to their natural habitat. This record-breaking sea turtle rescue, Aquarium officials say, wouldn’t have been possible without the support of its donors, members and guests. Contributions from admission tickets, member fees and even gift shop and restaurant purchases that helped give these animals a second chance at life.

The Texas State Aquarium is open daily. On June 16, World Sea Turtle Day, the Aquarium will be open 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Parking is included in your admission price. To purchase tickets in advance and skip the line or to learn more about exhibits, hours and other visitor information, visit www.texasstateaquarium.org.


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