The Wide, Weird World of Jellies

September 28, 2017

What exactly makes jellies so interesting? Is it the mesmerizing, pulsing way they move? Maybe it’s the fact that they’re beautiful AND dangerous (we’re looking at you, box jelly), or maybe it’s the simple fact that they look like transparent underwater aliens? Whatever the reason – we’re right there with you concerning the crazy cool factor of the wonderful world of jellies.

Incredibly, jellies are as old as time. They’ve inhabited the earth’s oceans for hundreds of millions of years, and speaking of oceans, they can be found in every single one, from the surface, to the deep sea. Some can even be found in fresh water environments, such as the craspedacusta sowerbii.

And since we’re discussing crazy names – why do you see jellies referred to as jellyfish AND jellies? Well, in more recent years, it’s been decided that the name “jellyfish” is a misnomer. With no bones, no blood, and no brains, jellies aren’t actually fish at all, so scientists, aquariums, and zoos nationwide have begun referring to them simply as jellies. Whatever you call them; it’s impossible to deny their alien allure.

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