Summer SeaCamp Begins at the Texas State Aquarium

June 5, 2018

SeaCamp, the Texas State Aquarium’s popular summer camp program, begins this week. Media are invited to attend between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. this week to capture footage of SeaCamp activities. Please call 361-881-1259 before arrival.

The Texas State Aquarium’s popular SeaCamp program is more than just your typical summer getaway. Through an immersive educational journey, SeaCampers from Pre-K through high school can become explorers, scientists, and environmental protectors. Camps are a week long starting June 4 – 8 and running until August 13 – 17.

Seacamp, which is available to Pre-Kindergarten through 12th-graders, is designed to support inclusive and collaborative learning, promote STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) exploration and discovery, and empower campers to reach their full potential.  Along with typical outdoor summer camp activities, SeaCampers will embark on hands-on adventures throughout the Aquarium’s Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean habitats. That includes unique experiences like meeting animals, building bridges, and even embarking on field excursions to explore the unique environments of the Coastal Bend. Younger campers will even have the opportunity to frolic in the H-E-B Splash Park, a wet and wild water playground that makes any typical summer camp pool seem tame by comparison.

In other words, both parents and kids come away happy with their SeaCamp experience. Parents can be proud to know they’re helping to strengthen their child’s skills in scientific discovery, creative play, and storytelling. SeaCampers meanwhile, will be soaking up knowledge while making memories with some new friends.

Registration for SeaCamp is now open. For more information on SeaCamp and to register now, visit

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