Texas State Aquarium Facility Leaders

  • Tom Schmid

    President & CEO

  • Jesse Gilbert

    Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

  • Julio Flores, Jr., CPA

    Senior Vice President of Business Operations & CFO

  • Leslie Peart

    Vice President of Education & Conservation

  • Courtney Cook McLain

    Vice President of Development

  • Nicole Andrade, SHRM-SCP

    Director of Administration and Human Resources

  • Leon Burns

    Director of Restaurant Services

  • Justin Sefcik

    Director of Operations

  • Jennifer Vela

    Director of Sales & Marketing

  • Cheryl Wolfe, CPA

    Director of Finance

  • Alyce Todd

    Director of Education

  • Erin Kane

    Director of Development

2019 Board of Trustees

The Texas State Aquarium is honored to have the following members of our community serve on our Board of Trustees: 


Rob Hall, Chair
Larry Urban, Past-Chair
Julie A. Buckley, Treasurer & Chair-Elect
Judy Hawley, Vice Chair
Bruce S. Hawn, Vice Chair
Don Kingsbury, Secretary


Esperanza “Hope” Andrade
Barry Andrews
Tree Baker III
Dr. Osbert Blow
Allen G. Borden
William C. “Chris” Bush
Mary Campbell
Louise G. Chapman
Thomas E. Dobson
Elinor Donnell
John F. Dorn
Larry R. Elizondo, Sr.
Sidney H. “Sid” Evans, II
George Finley
Laura Fischer
Pat Frost
Dr. Robert R. “Bob” Furgason
Eddie L. Garcia
Dos Gates
Kim Hammer
Judy Hawley
R. Scott Heitkamp
Ken Herring
Charles A. “Charlie” Hicks
Gloria Hicks
Peter M. Holt
Susan E. Hutchinson
Edward A. Martin
Robert W. “Bill” Maxwell, Jr.
Robert A. “Bob” May
Dr. Larry McKinney
Julie McNeil
Larry Meyers
Patty Nuss
J. Ted Oakley
Patricia Outtrim
Rakesh “Rick” Patel
Dr. Kelly Quintanilla
Kurt Roush
Andy Saenz
Keleigh H. Sasser
Frank J. Scanio, III
Darcy Schroeder
Deneece Ann Squires
Celika Storm
Judith Talavera
George E. Tanner
Denise Tavares
Sylvia A. Whitmore
Cassandra Wolfe
Charles W. “Charlie” Zahn, Jr.

Trustee Emeritus

R.C. Allen
Charles C. Butt
Peggy Lasater Clark
Maureen Miller
Rich D. Tuttle
Arthur Zeitler


Nelda Martinez
Commissioner Mike Pusley
Sam L. Susser

  • Past Presidents

    1978-81   Arthur W. Zeitler/Lillian A. Murray
    1981-82   Lillian A. Murray
    1982-83   Arthur W. Zeitler
    1983-84   Paula Butt
    1984-85   Elinor Donnel
    1985-89   John F. Dorn
    1989-90   Thomas V. Shockley, III
    1990-91   Luther Jones
    1991-92   Stephen W. Sullivan
    1992-93   Gary Miglicco
    1993-94   Charles Wade
    1994-95   Gloria Hicks
    1995-96   Paul Pearson, III
    1996-97   Gene Urban
    1997-98   R. B. “Randy” Cutlip
    1998-99   Sylvia A. Whitmore
    1999-01   Thomas R. “Tom” Dobson
    2001-02   R. Scott Heitkamp
    2002-03 Thomas Dobson
    2003-04   Mark Meyer
    2004-05   Eddie L. Garcia
    2005-07   Bruce Hawn
    2008-09   Rich D. Tuttle
    2009-11   Judy Hawley
    2011-12   Lee Jordan
    2013-14  Deneece Squires
    2015-2016 Larry Urban