Seafood Wars

Competitive cooking meets conservation in this interactive and delicious event. Sample dishes from talented chefs, vote for a winning recipe, and learn about sustainable seafood.

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April 21, 2020
7  – 9 p.m.

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Why isn’t a specific seafood listed this month?

Sometimes being sustainable means choosing what is available. We are working with GulfWildto highlight lesser-known sustainable species from the Gulf of Mexico.  This far in advance, it is difficult to guarantee that their fishers will catch enough of a specific species to serve 150 guests at Seafood Wars. We will serve a tilefish, grouper or snapper species that is available and fresh during the week of the event.  

What is GulfWild?

Gulf Wild™ works directly with fishermen dedicated to the integrity and sustainability of fisheries throughout the Gulf of Mexico. When you see a Gulf Wild™ tag or the Gulf Wild™ brand, you are looking at the absolute best in responsibly harvested seafood. Supporting Gulf Wild™ means you are supporting sustainable fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico and the local fishing industry that dates back over many generations. 

What is Seafood Wars?

Seafood Wars promotes healthy oceans and plentiful seafood for the future by focusing on sustainably harvested and farm-raised fish and shellfish from the Gulf of Mexico.

At each event, three chefs prepare the night’s featured selection while guests are treated to a conversation with regional fisheries experts.

When the talk is over and the chefs are ready, guests sample all three dishes and vote on the evening’s best chef.  Winners are invited back for a year-end Challenge of the Champions.  Over 90 percent of Seafood Wars diners say they are more likely to ask for and purchase the fish served that evening than they were before the event.

Last summer’s Seafood Wars was a sell-out event that treated 135 guests to a night of delicious sustainable seafood and the latest insights on how to support sustainable seafood.

How can I make sure I select sustainable fishes at the market or in restaurants?

To make it simple, just ask for finfish or shellfish harvested in the Gulf of Mexico or the United States. For more information, we recommend these sustainable seafood guides.

How does the Aquarium select the fish?

Featured fish and shellfish are selected in consultation with local scientists and fisheries managers, including Audubon Nature Institute’s Gulf United for Lasting Fisheries.  While we focus on Gulf fisheries, we aim to share the broader message that Gulf and U.S. fisheries are the best-managed in the world.