Private Event Animal Encounters

The following animals are available as enhancements during Private Events!

  • Baby Alligators

  • Sulcata Tortoise

    "Walker" or "Bob"

  • Ornate Box Turtle


  • Brazilian Rainbow Boa


  • Argentine Black and White Tegu


  • Red-Tailed Boa

    "Julius Squeezer"

  • Jellyfish in a tube

  • Ball python

    Queen B

  • Red-Footed Tortoise


  • Military Macaw


  • Green-Winged Macaw


  • Scarlet Macaw

    "Scarlett"or "Maya"

  • Blue & Gold Macaw


  • Orange-Winged Amazon

    "Sweet Pea"

  • Golden Eagle


  • Eurasian Eagle Owl


  • Great-Horned Owl


  • Prehensile-Tailed Porcupine


  • Laughing Kookabura


  • Plymouth Barred Rock Chickens

    "Delta," "Blue," or "Echo"