Learn at Home with the Texas State Aquarium

To support students and community members affected by school closures, the Texas State Aquarium has several FREE educational resources and opportunities accessible from home!

Free Aquavision Distance Learning Programs

The Texas State Aquarium offers a limited series of FREE Flint Hills Resources Aquavision Distance Learning programs that you can watch from home! In each LIVE interactive program, you will discover the Aquarium from a unique perspective, view our animals LIVE and ask our Educator your burning questions. 

All you need to connect is a computer, smartphone, or tablet with internet access. We will be posting our Zoom programming on Facebook Live. Check out the Texas State Aquarium Facebook page to tune in!

Upcoming Aquavision Live Sessions

  • Monday, May 4

    Rescue Spotlight

    Discover the Wildlife Rescue story of Amos, the American white pelican. View a training session with Amos, and learn how you can help wild birds.

    Streamed from Facebook Live
  • Wednesday, May 6


    Every Wednesday, we will be spotlighting one of our favorite species here at the Aquarium. First up is the porcupinefish, otherwise known as the pufferfish. Learn about the amazing defensive powers of this unique bony fish.

    Streamed from Facebook Live

TEKS: Science 1.10A, 2.10A, 3.10A, 4.10A, 5.10A 
Reef Fish Key

  • Thursday, May 7

    Ask an Expert - Animal Trainer

    Have you ever wondered how the amazing animal ambassadors in our Wild Flight show learned the ropes? Meet an Animal Trainer and they’ll be answering questions YOU emailed us, and taking questions live from Facebook.

    Streamed from Facebook Live

TEKS: Aquatic Science 3E, Environmental Systems 3E

  • Friday, May 8


    Discover some of the long-distance travelers we have here at the Aquarium! Learn about the different animals who find their way across the earth and back, and watch them live from your home.

    Streamed from Facebook Live

TEKS: Science 2.9B, 3.9C, 5.9C, 7.11C

At-Home Activities

The Aquarium also has a library of animal-related at-home activities that parents can do while their children are out of school!

Coral Reefs

Reef Roundup

Where’s the Reef?


Reef Fish Key

Saddle Up! – Dichotomous Key Practice

Fine Finned Friends

Sea Turtles

Can You Measure Up?

Sea Turtle Tracking Map

Scute Over

Sea Turtle Rescue Video

Stunning Numbers


Create a Shark Diet

Shark Poster and Classification Key

Shark Teeth

Sharks Great and Small

Shark Tracking Grid


Sloth Interactive Video

Sloth Kahoot Instructions


Owl Pellet Bone Chart

Bird Beak Buffet

Long-Legged Wading Birds


Toothy or Not Toothy

Veterinary Kahoot

What’s for Dinner – Food Webs

Who’s Got a Shell? – Shell Classification

Predator or Prey?

Slimy or Scaly?

Quick Change Artist