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Our Wild Flight shows, held twice-daily, are a blend of education and entertainment, featuring the amazing natural abilities of birds and exotic small mammals.

These informative presentations show off the fascinating features of hawks, owls, falcons, parrots, and others to deliver an inspiring message of wildlife conservation. Watch as hawks and falcons soar right over your head, an African Serval leaps for its prey, a white-nosed coati navigates an obstacle course, and the other amazing animal acts. Learn how many of our feathered performers were injured in the wild but were rehabilitated through our Second Chances Wildlife Rehabilitation Program. In their new home, these birds and other animals serve as ambassadors to help us communicate the importance of conserving wildlife.

animals in this exhibit

  • African Serval

    These African cats have the longest legs relative to their body size of any wild cat. Wild Flight’s serval is named Kimani.