Wed. September 20, 2017 8:00 am

Bring your home school students to the Aquarium!

Each month, September through May, the Aquarium hosts engaging STEM-based programs for home school learners in grades K-2, 3-5 and 6-8. These specially designed programs will challenge and excite your learners by peaking curiosity, building critical thinking skills and encouraging creativity and hands-on exploration. Class themes are adapted to meet the developmental needs of children at their specific K-8 learning levels.

Home school programs are offered in the morning (9:30 – 11:30 a.m.) and repeat in the afternoon (1  – 3 p.m.). Check-in begins 15 minutes prior to program start time. Parents/Guardians are required to sign-in their students during check-in and show ID at check out.

Grades: K-2, 3-5 and 6-8

20 student maximum per class

Pricing: Student price: $13.50 per student