Homeschool May - Explore Your World! 

Wed. May 16, 2018 9:30 am

The Texas State Aquarium hosts engaging STEM-based programs for home school learners in grades K-2, 3-5 and 6-8.

These specially designed programs will challenge and excite your learners by piquing curiosity, building critical thinking skills and encouraging creativity and hands-on exploration. Class themes are adapted to meet the developmental needs of children at their specific K-8 learning levels.

Description: Conclude your Marine Career adventures as a field biologist. Kindergarten through 2nd grade will experience fouling plates and fishing along TSA’s private dock. While 3rd-8th graders will board the Archimedes floating classroom for a unique boat ride through the bay collecting and observing specimens along the way. Use your new and refined STEM skills along with field tools and technology to explore the great outdoors!

To be able to offer the unique opportunity of a trip on the Archimedes, the May 2018 Homeschool session for grades 3rd-8th grade will be limited in the number of spaces. The cost will be $17.00 per student. The Kindergarten-2nd grade sessions for this May event will cost $13.50 per student.

Student price: $13.50 per student

If you have questions or need more information please contact Rosanna Gossett at [email protected] or 361-881-1204.

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