Learn at Home with the Texas State Aquarium

To support students and community members affected by school closures, the Texas State Aquarium has several FREE educational resources and opportunities accessible from home!

Free Aquavision Distance Learning Programs

April 6-10
11:50 a.m. – 12:20 p.m. CST

The Texas State Aquarium will offer a limited series of FREE Flint Hills Resources Aquavision Distance Learning programs that you can watch from home! In each LIVE interactive program, you will discover the Aquarium from a unique perspective, view our animals LIVE and ask our Educator your burning questions. 

All you need to connect is a computer, smartphone, or tablet with internet access. We will be posting our Zoom programming on Facebook Live. Check out the Texas State Aquarium Facebook page to tune in!

Free Aquavision Series

Program Times:

11:50 a.m. – 12:20 p.m., Central Standard Time

  • Past Aquavision Live Sessions

    Monday, March 16
    Tour TSA

    Join us on a virtual tour of the Texas State Aquarium. From coral reefs to a Caribbean jungle, discover the animals that live here and the habitats they call home.

    Link to Recording

    Tuesday, March 17
    Coral Reef Dive

    Have you ever wanted a diver’s perspective of one of our exhibits? Join a diver live in our Cheniere Mesoamerican Coral Reef and get an up-close look at how we care for our coral reef fish.

    Link to Recording

    Wednesday, March 18
    Let’s Talk Sharks

    View our resident sharks live from the Texas State Aquarium! Discover why shark conservation is important and what scientists and aquariums are doing to conserve these mysterious animals.

    Link to Recording

    Thursday, March 19

    Meet some of our reptile animal ambassadors in the studio, and view some of our other reptiles live in their exhibits. Learn about the reptiles that call Texas home and what we can do to conserve them.

    Link to Recording

    Friday, March 20
    Live from Rescue

    Head offsite to the Texas State Aquarium’s Wildlife Rescue Center and discover the work we do behind-the-scenes to rehabilitate and release injured wildlife.

    Link to Recording

    Monday, March 23

    Join us live to learn about the enigmatic and colorful flamingos. Get a bird’s-eye view of the Aquarium using our state-of-the-art HD cameras, and watch the birds’ interactions with their habitats and each other… down to the feather.

    Link to Facebook video

    Tuesday, March 24
    Coral Reef Dive

    Have you ever wanted a diver’s perspective of one of our exhibits? Join a diver live in our Cheniere Mesoamerican Coral Reef and get an up-close look at how we care for our coral reef fish.

    Link to Facebook video

    Wednesday, March 25
    Octopus Enrichment

    Join us as we learn up close about the mysterious Giant Pacific octopus. Discover the importance of environmental enrichment for this curious cephalopod and watch her interact with new objects in her environment.

    Link to Facebook video

    Thursday, March 26
    Dolphin Training

    Meet our ‘bachelor pod’ of four male bottlenose dolphins here at the Aquarium: Liko, Schooner, Kai and Shadow! We’ll be watching a live training with the boys and their trainers.

    Link to Facebook video

    Friday, March 27
    Otter Enrichment

    Join us live from behind the scenes as we prepare our North American river otter exhibit for the day. Discover the importance of environmental enrichment for our animals and observe Merlin as he interacts with his new environment!

    Link to Facebook video

    Monday, March 30

    Discover the invertebrates that call Texas State Aquarium home.  Meet the residents of our touch pool and some of their neighbors, and find out what makes being spineless so special. 

    Link to Facebook video

    Tuesday, March 31
    Shark and Ray Feeding

    Join us as we head behind the scenes to feed the sharks, rays and fishes that make the H-E-B Caribbean Sea exhibit their home. Discover how we make sure each animal receives the proper nutrition as well as the important role these animals play in the ecosystem. 

    Link to Facebook video

    Wednesday, April 1

    Explore the world of our Linnaeus’ two-toed sloths, Xena and Chico. We’ll discover more about their daily lives and how we care for them here at the Aquarium.

    Link to Facebook video

    Thursday, April 2
    Squid Dissection

    Investigate the wild world of cephalopods, those “head-foot” animals. We will discover the special characteristics of the phylum Mollusca, as well as the adaptations that squid use to eat, move, and protect themselves from predators. Watch as we conduct an external and internal dissection of a squid.

    Link to Facebook video

    Friday, April 3
    Turtle Tracks

    Join us to track Olive, a Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle, on her journey across the Gulf of Mexico. We’ll discuss why scientists track sea turtles and what technology they use.

    Link to Facebook video

Upcoming Aquavision Live Sessions

  • Monday, April 6

    Mystery Creature Feature

    Join us live for a mystery animal guest in the Aquavision studio! Which one of the hundreds of unique and exciting animals that make the Aquarium their home will it be?

    Streamed from Facebook Live
  • Tuesday, April 7

    Wild Flight Training

    Meet a Wild Flight trainer at the Texas State Aquarium and discover how we use animal training to enrich our animals’ lives and improve their husbandry. Watch a live animal training session, and learn how the team trains behaviors that highlight the natural adaptations of our animals.

    Streamed from Facebook Live
  • Thursday, April 9

    Animal Diets

    Join us live from the Texas State Aquarium’s Commissary as we met with the dedicated staff who make sure all our animals are well-fed and healthy. Watch them prepare diets for our animals and get a rare look behind the scenes!

    Streamed from Facebook Live
  • Friday, April 10

    Owl Pellet Dissection

    Connect with us live from the Aquavision studio to watch an owl pellet dissection. By recording the contents of a pellet, we can construct a food web, discuss why owl pellets are studied, and even observe the adaptations of a resident owl!

    Streamed from Facebook Live

At-Home Activities

The Aquarium also has a library of animal-related at-home activities that parents can do while their children are out of school!

Coral Reefs

Reef Roundup

Where’s the Reef?


Reef Fish Key

Saddle Up! – Dichotomous Key Practice

Sea Turtles

Can You Measure Up?

Sea Turtle Tracking Map

Scute Over

Sea Turtle Rescue Video

Stunning Numbers


Create a Shark Diet

Shark Poster and Classification Key

Shark Teeth

Sharks Great and Small


Sloth Interactive Video

Sloth Kahoot Instructions


Toothy or Not Toothy

Veterinary Kahoot

What’s for Dinner – Food Webs

Who’s Got a Shell? – Shell Classification