Outdoor Exhibits

Dolphin Bay

Get an up close and personal look at Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. Our 400,000-gallon saltwater exhibit features two male dolphins: Shadow and Kai, and visitors can experience these majestic marine mammals above the water and even below, in our unique underwater viewing room, featuring a 70-foot acrylic window.

Eagle Pass

Opened in April 2009, Eagle Pass promotes a strong message of backyard conservation. All of the raptors featured in this exhibit were rescued and rehabilitated at the Texas State Aquarium. Perhaps the most regal raptor of the exhibit is Grace, a bald eagle. Rehabilitated in Alaska, Grace was deemed non-releasable and will have a home in Eagle Pass, where visitors can get a personal look at America's bird, something you may not be able to do in the wild.

Hawn Wild Flight Theater

Featuring a variety of trained birds, including hawks, owls, falcons and parrots, and other exotic small mammals, these highly entertaining and informative presentations showcase various feathered species and deliver an inspiring and empowering message of wildlife conservation.

HEB Splash Park & Owen's Paleo Park

HEB Splash Park is the first zero-depth wetscape water play area in the Coastal Bend! This marine-themed park features state-of-the-art water spray jets, interactive water features, water cannons, and more.

Owen's Paleo Park is a fossil dig site which allows guests to unearth fossilized remains of animals, such as the Giant ground sloth and the Saber toothed cat that roamed the Coastal Bend 13,000 years ago.

Otter Creek

North American River Otters are native to Texas and Otter Creek provides the perfect opportunity to watch these playful animals interact with each other and with their trainers. Through protected contact, our trainers are able to have enrichment sessions multiple times daily when visitors can witness the high intelligence of these otters. 

Stingray Lagoon

Don't be scared! Touch and feed stingrays in our largest outdoor touch pool, and learn what you can do to protect stingrays in the wild during our daily Feed the Rays program.

Swamp Tales

Swamp Tales tells the conservation success story of the American Alligator, as well as highlights species that are currently threatened and what visitors can do to help protect them.

Swamp Tales features Bo, a 10-foot American alligator, and six species of freshwater turtles. 

Tortuga Cay

All of the sea turtles in Tortuga Cay were rehabilitated and then deemed them non-releasable. Tortuga Cay's natural lagoon-like habitat allows visitors to view the sea turtles from above and below the water.