Creature Feature

Meet Screecher!

Screecher, appropriately named because she likes to screech, is a three-year-old hawk-headed parrot. Like most parrots, she can mimic noises. Her favorite words are, “Screecher-Reacher,” a play on her name, and “Hello.” Her favorite foods are strawberries and oranges, and she enjoys interacting with people instead of playing with toys. Her favorite game is hide-and-seek with staff and guests. So next time you visit the Aquarium, head over to the Amazon exhibit and play hide-and-seek with Screecher.



Hawk-headed parrots are small parrots found in South America. They are very territorial and raise their head feathers when they are excited or scared, because it makes them appear bigger. Unfortunately, hawk-headed parrots are endangered due to deforestation of their natural habitat and the extensive pet trade business. Some species are nearly extinct, with no more than a dozen of them in the wild. Extra measures must be taken to ensure these rare and beautiful parrots will be around for future generations to enjoy.

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